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In the News

Joan Carra has been written about in newspapers, magazines and books and she's also published several of her own writings in popular magazines and local news outlets. Continue reading below to see some of her media mentions and published articles!  TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE.  SORRY. UP SHORTLY
Joan Carra

WAG magazine

Read an in-depth piece on psychic and medium Joan Carra in WAG Magazine.
Joan Carra, Spiritual Counselor

Natural Awakenings 

Joan's profiled as an intuitive consultant in Natural Awakening's directory. 
Joan Carra

Greenwich Times

Greenwich Time highlighted Joan in the Greenwich Neighbors section of their publication. 

Mystic Pop Magazine, August 2004

Joan's piece "Expressing the Abduction Phenomena: An interview with Rick Smith, painter and poet" was featured in a 2004 edition of Mystic Pop Magazine.

You can click here to read the article and visit the publication's website. 
Mystic Pop magazine cover 2006

Mystic Pop Magazine, December 2006

Joan's interview piece "An Inter Dimenstional Encounter with Phil Imbrogno UFO Investigator" was published in Mystic Pop Magazine in July of 2006. 

Go here to read the article and visit the publication's website.
Mystic Pop magazine cover 2006

Mystic Pop Magazine, November 2006

Read Joan's "Exploring Metaphysics and Science in Organic Horticulture The Nature Lyceum" published in Mystic Pop Magazine here.
Book cover

"A Visionary's Guide to Global Warming"

"Global warming or shall I say global flooding, is not a myth but a fact, so we better accept this reality and act now, instead of blinding our selves with an old paradigm that will not sustain the next generation." -Joan Carra

Click here to read the full article. 
The Miracle of Death cover

"The Miracle of Death"

"Did you ever wonder if there is life after death? Perhaps having a session with a medium, a psychic who can communicate with souls long gone, can help you come to your own conclusion. If you have unresolved problems with a relative or friend who has already passed, don’t think that a healing can’t take place. The body may have decayed but consciousness is still alive and is still thinking and feeling. As Einstein said, matter cannot be created nor destroyed and who said matter can’t be invisible?" ~ Joan Carra

Go here to read the entire article. 
Be Well by Joan Carra

"Be Well"

"We are finishing the first decade of the New Millennium. We already have a unique distinction with our historic election with President Barack Obama and the heartbreaking trials of both a global economic and ecological mudslide. This isn’t an article about predictions but an analysis of vibrations and themes explaining the subtle influences on our current times."- Joan Carra
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