"Not only is Joan very personable, but she is excellent at reading for her clients. Joan incorporates numerology in addition to using visions and clairvoyance. At the time, I was left a bit confused by some of the things she told me would happen. They just didn't seem to make sense. Fast forward to 6 months later and I understand exactly why those predictions didn't make sense at the time! Joan is genuine and caring and doesn't misrepresent herself. I would definitely return." - Terry, 2015
"I first met and was amazed by the accuracy of her predictions back in January of 2005. She told me things about myself that she couldn't possibly know which really impressed me. I expressed my concern about being unemployed, Joan told me, "Don't worry about the job the job will come. Two weeks later I was working. She told three other things all came true within two weeks after my visit with Joan. It was an amazing experience and one I recently repeated a few month ago. She is always on time and certainly well worth the time and money spent. " -Linda J. 2014  
"Joan Carra has been my psychic medium for over ten years. I was astounded by her gifts during my very first appointment with her. I intended to receive only a psychic reading, which was amazing, but during the last fifteen minutes I asked her about her abilities as a medium. I was shocked when she contacted all four of my deceased grandparents, providing information that only they would have been able to communicate to me. Since that first appointment, Joan has accurately predicted many events that occurred in my life. These predictions have allowed me to sleep more soundly at night and to plan my life in a more effective and efficient way. I highly recommend Joan Carra. She is amazing." - Diane M. 2000
"Joan was super, at a Halloween party we recently held. She's got a great way with people. She's easy to talk to and understand. Her costume was terrific, too! She did both stand up and sitting readings." -Elaine U. 2014
"Thank you again Joan!!!!
I met Joan for the first time and she was spot-on about so many things. Very personal things.... I lost my mother recently and for the first time in months, the reading with Joan had lifted my heart and spirits tremendously. I feel so much lighter. She is also a very warm and caring individual. I'm sure she can help you too!" - Jean P., author

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