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153 West 27th Street, # 702 | N.Y.C. | 212-691-7690
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Joan is invited to teach and read at the A.R.E. NYC Edgar Cayce Center!

She will be reading at their monthly psychic fairs and booking hour or longer privates and group sessions as well.  Edgar Cayce  (1877-1945) is America's Sleeping Prophet, who not only could give predictions in his sleep but was able to diagnose and heal patients of ailments.  His sessions with his clients are well documented in the Virginia Beach headquarters, where he lived.  Many books have been written about this legendary psychic  such as: Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet by Sidney Kirkpatrick, There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue and Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn.  There is even talk about a major Hollywood film about his inspirational life.

Sun, August 6, 1-4 pm
On August 21, 2017, we will have an unprecedented occurrence of a total solar eclipse crossing from coast to coast of the United States, casting a shadow across the country. We have invited a panel of top astrologers to discuss their opinions on this major vibrational influence. If you watch the news, it seems that we are a country in conflict and dissent -- what can we expect as we ride this vibrational wave? The panel will interpret the influence this eclipse will have on the astrological chart of the United States as a country and that of its leader.  
Cost: $48; members save 15%  Joan Carra - Moderator, Panelists: Antot Masuka, Eric Francis Coppolino, Montgomery Taylor and Pamela Cucinell    
Wed, Aug 16, 6:30 – 8:30
People have special bonds with animals. Their eyes and hearts speak to us. The word “animal” is derived from the Greek term “anima” which means spirit. The universe is interconnected and we can learn to listen and talk to our pets, even those who have passed on, once we tune into that frequency. Join psychic, Joan Carra, as she talks and listens to your pets on a soul level, whichever side of the veil they may currently be on. She will also teach you interspecies communications. (Please do not bring your pet or your pet’s photo.) Cost: $40; members save 15% 

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